Rural Services and Solutions

Get expert advice on all things rural and agricultural.

Anything and everything to do with rural or agricultural solutions and services...

With a huge selection of tools, equipment, and experience, we can work out solutions to problems you may encounter.

We can help you with random handyman jobs.

If you have fencing problems, we can help solve them!

+ Wallaby Fencing
+ Game fencing
+ Livestock fencing
+ Security fencing
+ Residential fencing

So... if your grass is not growing, or your sheep keep running away! ...  then give us a call, as we can assist you with expert advice.


Services include...

Contracting services.

Agronomy services.

Farm Planning.

Our Fabrication Shop can produce custom equipment such as stockyards, loading ramps, custom made gates, and Dog runs.

Our display at AGFEST - © MJ Cook


MJ Cook - Agricultural Supplies

Proud suppliers of a wide range of agricultural products - Plumbing - Stock feed, supplements and drenches - Rural, Industrial and Equine fencing materials - Stockyards - Electric Gates - Seed and fertiliser -

Proudly a member of the Australian Independent Rural Retailers group.

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